Free’Em Trainique / Fannie Sosa & Navild Acosta

Free’Em Trainique / Fannie Sosa & Navild Acosta
wxpt reading and movement lab
SUNDAY February 23, 2020 

noon – 2pm

free, open for all, QTBIPOC centered

@ we live in space
2520 W Jefferson Blvd
LA, CA 90018


Free’Em Trainique builds the very muscles responsible for helping us all to rise up for ourselves and each other.

The Free’Em Trainique seeks to educate us all through a physical practice on ways to care and after care for our restless bodies. Learn hip release, core strengthening and limb lengthening exercises and dances accessible to varying physical abilities, gender expressions and needs.

Through a set of multiple techniques derived from Martha Graham, Contact Improvisation, Pleasure as Power: Fannie Sosa, Play Parties and Vogue Ballroom, in Free’Em Trainique we are learning how to engage our spiritual and physical core’s while activating consent, desire, socio-political spacial awareness and confidence with pleasure.

This will happen through strengthening & lengthening our muscles and engaging with our 2nd brain which is located in the pelvic floor. We will share some theories to deepen our understandings around ancestral diasporic anatomical science, healing the waters of the body through vibration, consensual play and improvisation & the very serious impacts of skin hunger (lack of touch).

For our workshop in Los Angeles we will focus on “Consent Improvisation” which is one of 7 tenets of the Free’Em Trainique. This class asks: Is contact improvisation as a theory and practice using consensual methodologies and centering the most vulnerable? The idea that everyone is equal in a contact improv jam is a myth. This space offers the opportunity to work with hands on/body centered tasks of spacial redistribution, consent & autonomy. Class will be accompanied by live musicians.

Reading Material in Preparation for Class:
Mayfield Brooks, “Improvising while black


Acclaimed scholar and multi-Award winner, Fannie Sosa, is an internationally applauded interdisciplinary artist, scholar and activist cued up to receive their doctorate degree in Gender and social science at Lille III University in 2019. Their Afrodiasporic & Indigenous descendance has informed their many years of research, performances and teachings. Sosa’s work focuses in developing pleasurable methodologies using vibrational & sonic therapy, movement practices to liberate the chore and transformational social justice centered publications. Sosa’s thought leadership has been featured in Dazed Magazine (UK, 2015), i-D (UK,2014), Noisey (CO, 2015), Paper Magazine (USA, 2016), Style Like U (DE,2018), Berlin art link (DE, 2016), Schön Magazine (SP, 2018), Afro-punk (USA, 2018), The Fader (USA, 2015) & Gal-Dem (UK, 2016) among many. Their texts have published in The 3D Additivist Cookbook (DE, 2016), “How to sleep faster” x Arcadia Missa (UK, 2016), and “Afropean Mimicry and Mockery in Theatre, Performance, and visual arts” Commissioned by Mousonturm (DE, 2018).  Other texts by Fannie Sosa include “A White Institutions Guide For Welcoming Artists Of Color And Their Audiences”, “Pleasurable MOONStruation”, “The Origins Of Patriarchy” and “Bio-Hack is Black”. Their performance work has been produced by Tate Modern, Matadero Madrid, and Wiener Festwochen. Sosa has collaborated with artists such as niv Acosta, Tabita Rezaire, Ana Pi, Poussy Draama, Bearcat, Spoek Mathambo & Kirikoo DEs. Sosa’s current artistic projects include Black Power Naps, Pleasure Is Power, Consent Improvisation and screen writing a new television series. Through their social justice work, Sosa has provided professional development trainings and consultancy for Performance Space New York (USA), Mousonturm (DE) and Tate Modern (UK).

Navild Acosta is a Multi-award winning and internationally acclaimed multi-medium artist and activist based in Brooklyn, NY. his intersectional identities as a non-binary transgender, queer, and Afro-Latinx have continuously inspired his community based work. Navild’s work and thought leadership has been featured in many publications including Dazed & Confused, AfroPunk, Performance Journal, VICE, Brooklyn Magazine, Apogee Journal, BOMB Magazine and more. His performance work has debuted in various Instiutions nationally and abroad including Matadero Madrid (es), Tate Modern (GB), Tanz Im August & Kunst-Werke Institut (DEU), Weinerfestwochen (OS), The David Roberts Foundation (GB), The Kimmel Center (US), Human Resources (US), MOMA PS1 (US), Studio Museum (US), New Museum (US), and McGill University (CA), among many. Navild has collaborated with Alicia Keys, Fannie sosa, BEARCAT, Pxssy Palace, Jay boogie, Monstah Black, Lyle Ashton-Harris, Ralph Lemon, Ishmael Houston-Jones, My Barbarian, Deborah Hay, A.K. Burns and Andrea Geyer among many. Navild’s current projects include Black Power Naps, a multi-purpose separatist organizing space with a focus on rest, restoration, rejuvenation, reparation and black joy. Using multi medias, all devised in collaboration with Black artists, are propositions for how reparative economies can better hold communities of color. Parallel to his artistic practice through his racial justice work he has provided Racism trainings for Cultural Producers at Matadero Madrid (Spain), KW Institute (Berlin,DE), NYU, Vassar College and Movement Research (USA).


wxpt reading and movement lab is a series of dance and somatics workshops led by Black artists and practitioners of color. the workshop will be accompanied by a text that participants are encouraged to read in advance.

wxpt reading and movement lab is a Show Box LA choreographers’ residency praxis of taisha paggett and the WXPT (we are the paper, we are the trees) and School for the Movement of the Technicolo(u)r People collaborative projects. Additional support comes from the California Community Foundation and UC Riverside Department of Dance.


Show Box L.A./we live in space residency program is supported from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.