Primera Generación Dance Collective


Primera Generación Dance Collective: NEPANTLA
Saturday, March 28, 2020

“Primera Generación invites us to remember that these tomorrows are available here, happening everyday and that there is joy and revolution even in the grief of the todays and the yesterdays.” — José Alfaro, Queequeg’s Left

we live in space / Show Box L.A.
2520 W Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018

Tickets can ONLY be purchased online.
Buy your tickets no later than February 29th 2020, as space is limited.

Primera Generación Dance Collective announces their Los Ángeles premiere of Nepantla. This movement-based performance is an abridged manifestation of their most recent works (Cambio, Ni Fú, Ni Fáintentcity) that have been re-shaped by/for we live in space studio and mixed with an added exploration of Jefferson Boulevard and its surrounding vecindades (neighborhoods). Nepantla is built through a series of non-sequitur vignettes that reflect, generate, and question the flux that is Mexican American Identity. The work strategically navigates culturally-iconic images, sounds, props, and food to expose cultural stereotypes, negotiate and question immigration policies, and visibilize the harsh realities and imaginative potentials of mexicanidades in the U.S.

This performance will be the conclusion to their artist residency sponsored by we live in space/Show Box L.A., with support by the California Arts Council.

* On the day of the event: Please meet at the corner of Jefferson Blvd and 5th Ave by 7:45pm. The performance begins outdoors at 8pm before entering WLIS.

Following the performance there will be a reception with light snacks, drinks, and música to celebrate and convivír juntos.

En fuerza,
Primera Generación Dance Collective

Alfonso Cervera
Irvin Manuel Gonzalez
Patricia “Patty” Huerta
Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier

Presented as part of the Show Box L.A./we live in space residency program, with support from the California Arts Council.

Photo by Yvonne Portra


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