Workshop/jam session – Titilayo Adebayo

Saturday, Sept 14, 2019

we live in space
2520 W Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90018

$10-$20 sliding scale at the door

Following the simple format of a guided improvisation or jam with a playlist Titilayo has put together, the session will include warmup, with time for sharing and exploring different intensities of movement and performance, and end with time to cool down. Following her current interest and practice of trance and higher states, the workshop experiments through improvisational practices she has developed for this, such as techno – ecstatic dancing, experimental hip hop – get the classical shit out (let people dance), flow – freedom of movement, musicality – understanding where music comes from and the social movements attached to them; and other improvisation prompts.

• • •

Titilayo Adebayo is an emerging Nigerian non-binary dance artist. Emerging from where? Emerging towards what? Who knows? (does it matter?) Her practice lies in these principles. Considering dance, movement and identity, Layo is always puzzled with the notion of dance being othered as a practice where dancers – dance, choreographers – create, and the audience watches. Layo offers a practice where her first priority is creating a safe space; then to explore what it feels like to have or lose agency over one’s body within space. Then end goal is to have as many of us moving as possible.

Titilayo Adebayo, born 1994 in the UK with Nigerian descent, studied musical theatre for two years and graduated from the University of Roehampton in dance. During this time they also did a semester studying abroad in New York. Since finishing at University, Titilayo has been working as a freelance dance artist in Europe. 3 years after graduating Layo is part of the Schauspielhaus Zurich ensemble where she will be performing regularly for the next few years. She is currently touring with Ligia Lewis for her latest show Water Will (in melody), – for more information visit

They have also worked closely with Akram Khan for Big Dance in 2016, and she has collaborated with Trajal Harrell (Barbican and Onassis), Jeremy Nedd (Palais de Tokyo), Paul Maheke (Chisenhale Gallery, London and Lafayette in Paris with Nkisi).