Milka Djordjevich + Chris Peck: MASS


MASS is a dance. It is singing and dancing. A song and dance in a black box. A slow dance on a pedestal for three women. With music. It’s also the mass, force and friction against, around and inside that box. It’s a trio of voices tuning, their bodies objectified and recomposed through gradual processes in motion and sound. Like a prayer, it proceeds without manipulation, loving the flaw.

Three female dancers execute an interdependent score of movement, choreographed by Djordjevich, and music, composed by Peck. They are their own musical accompaniment; a choir of voice, action and image. The trio creates hyper-objectified anonymous forms and three-part harmonies that pulse and throb through the black artifice of the theater.

The performers oscillate between action and inaction, singing and dancing, chanting and swaying—an engine that evolves through space and generates friction over time. The work aims to unveil the materiality of the moving and sonic female body, unraveling its inherent choreographed code.

MASS deepens Djordjevich’s focus on a transdisciplinary dance-making process developed through her long-term collaboration with composer Chris Peck.

Choreography: Milka Djordjevich
Music: Chris Peck
Dancers: Jessica Cook, Kyli Kleven and Djordjevich
Lighting Design: Madeline Best
Scenic Design: Sara C. Walsh
Costumes; Naomi Luppescu
Performance Advisor: Rebecca Brooks

Premiering April 26, 2015 at The Kitchen, New York. Available for touring Fall 2015.

December 2014
Week-long Creative Residency at Pieter
Los Angeles, CA

December 19, 2014
In-progress workshop performance at Pieter
Los Angeles, CA

March 2015
Creative Residency, TBD
New York, NY

April 19–26, 2015
Pre-Production Residency
New York, NY

April 30–May 2, 2015
Project Premiere at The Kitchen
New York, NY

June 2015
Los Angeles Premiere
Presented by Show Box L.A. at Bootleg Theater
Los Angeles, CA

• • •
Djordjevich and Peck began their collaborative relationship as co-curators of the Movement Research Spring Festival in 2008 with Anna Sperber and Jeff Larson. Discussions about music and dance that grew out of their work on the festival led directly to An Evening with Djordjevich and Peck at The Chocolate Factory Theater in 2009. After that, the duo performed as part of Live on 5 Songs at the 2010 Whitney Biennial, a series of events curated by artist Martin Kersels. Peck composed music for Djordjevich’s solo Kinetic Makeover in 2013.

Milka Djordjevich is a dance artist motivated by a desire to blur the distinction between ‘dance’ and ‘non-dance’ by attempting to un-choreograph choreography and choreograph spontaneity. Her work has been shown at several venues including REDCAT, Pieter and Machine Project (Los Angeles); the 2010 Whitney Biennal, the Chocolate Factory Theater, Danspace Project and AUNTS (New York); Counterpulse and The Garage (San Francisco); Uferstudios (Berlin); Bitef (Belgrade); Artdanthe (Paris); WUK (Vienna); Fabrik (Potsdam); Solo in Azione Festival (Milan); Toihaus Theatre (Salzburg); Gateshead International Festival of Theatre (UK). She has received funding from NYLA’s Suitcase Fund; a commission from the Danspace Project 2010-11 Commissioning Initiative, with support from the Jerome Foundation; and residencies at Fabrik Potsdam, PACT-Zollverein, Workspace Brussels, UCLA Hothouse, LMCC Swingspace, among others. Djordjevich was a 2006-2007 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence and a 2008/2010 danceWEB Europe Scholar. Her other projects include co-curating the Movement Research Spring Festival 2008: Somewhere Out There and serving as guest editor for Critical Correspondence. She has co-authored works with composer Chris Peck and choreographer Dragana Bulut and has performed for Heather Kravas, Jennifer Monson, Elizabeth Ward, Sam Kim, Sasa Asentic and Ana Vujanovic, among others. Djordjevich received a B.A. from UCLA and an M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College.

Peck is a composer, computer musician, and improviser who often collaborates with contemporary dance and theater artists, including David Dorfman, John Jasperse, RoseAnne Spradlin, Jeanine Durning, Mark Jarecki, Abby Yager, Ming Yang/Dance Forum Taipei, and Beth Gill. Peck performs as an improviser and multi-instrumentalist with Crystal Mooncone along with Jon Moniaci and Stephen Rush. The trio has toured widely since 2006, with performances at CCRMA (Stanford), the Center for New Music in San Francisco, and Spectrum in NYC. Peck collaborated with Deke Weaver and Jennifer Allen on Land of Plenty in 2008-2010, and made music for two installments of Weaver’s Unreliable Bestiary: Elephant in 2010-11 (performing in the premiere at the Stock Pavilion in Urbana, IL as well as subsequent iterations at the Sundance Film Festival and Salt Lake Arts Center) and Wolf in 2013. In addition to his work with Djordjevich, Chris is currently working on a new piece with Brussels-based choreographer Eleanor Bauer and the Belgian new music ensemble Ictus which will premiere in 2016. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in Composition and Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia.

Photo by Lisa Wahlander.


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